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“No Day Shall Erase You From the Memory of Time.”


It was the defining event of the early twenty-first century, one whose consequences are still being felt and playing out two decades later. It changed the way we travel, our sense of security, and the way we interact with the rest of the world. It became the demarcation line of recent history – there was a before and an after, and we have been living in the after for almost a generation now. 


It is a story with many characters, that played out in two dozen countries on four continents over the course of several decades.  It is a story of heroes and villains, of patriots and fanatics, of politics and religion, and of life and death. 

In order to understand how and why we got to that terrible day, it is necessary to understand the people and the geopolitical events that set the stage for 9/11, sometimes decades in advance. 

Based on an extensive review of the historical record, combined with original interviews with experts and insiders, this series will show how it all resulted in the worst terrorist attack in history, covering everything from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan to Operation Neptune Spear, and everything in between. 

This is Zero Hour: A History of 9/11.

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